Local Folks: Audrey and Sean Mangum

Local Folks: Audrey and Sean Mangum
Sean and Audrey Mangum

Meet the Mangums! Newly wed. And new to San Marco.

Audrey and Sean both grew up in Jacksonville, but in different parts—Audrey in Ponte Vedra and Sean in Mandarin. They met in middle school at Providence, a Christian college prep school. According to Sean, they saw each other five times before they liked each other. Then, he left Providence for Landon. “We parted ways as star-crossed middle schoolers,” he said.

This past March, Audrey and Sean married. Soon afterwards, they bought their San Marco home, knowing they wanted to stay in Jacksonville, but in a different part than they were each used to. “We love that San Marco feels like a super small town in Jacksonville, which is funny,” Audrey said.

They began attending Aspire Church almost immediately after their move, as it’s so close to their new house. They were warmly welcomed and quickly made friends within the congregation, including with some people who work there and who helped Audrey land a part-time receptionist position there. Audrey is also working online with Liberty University toward a master’s degree in counseling. “Aspire’s great,” said Sean. He is the owner of Seal Team Jax, a paver sealer and pressure washing company. “It’s full-time plus a little bit,” he said. The paver sealing is a niche market that fills his schedule.

Outside of church and school and work, the Mangums have an array of interests. “Audrey’s favorite thing is making friends with goats,” Sean said because his wife so enjoys petting zoos, farms, and animals in general. Audrey thinks that Rocky, their Havashu, could be considered a “rescue dog” because they rescued her from Audrey’s sister. “It’s really her nephew,” Sean said.

Rocky and Audrey Mangum
Rocky and Audrey Mangum

The Mangums play pickleball at Southside Park, but not competitively, and they spend a lot of time biking along the river on their beach cruisers. That’s still a little bit of a sore subject though because their original set, one red and one blue, was stolen right off their front porch. Audrey assumes the lock wasn’t high quality enough, and Sean suspects wire cutters were used. The bikes have since been replaced, now with a better lock and a new Ring Video Doorbell installed. Rocky is the one who benefitted from the ordeal because one of the new bikes has a bigger basket than before. She’s no longer “spilling out like a cupcake,” as Sean had described it.

On their new bikes, the Mangums are on a mission. Their goal is to ride to the Square, eat at every restaurant, and buy one thing from every store. Not all on one trip, of course. “Make the rounds around the square” Sean calls it. It’s their Bucket List in addition to being a way to support their new community. They estimate that they’ve hit half of the establishments so far. According to Sean, they’re saving Brew for last. And because they recently became interested in candle making, Audrey has added Wick to their list.

Welcome to San Marco, Audrey and Sean!

By Mary Wanser
Resident Community News

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