‘To be or not to be’

‘To be or not to be’
Sophomores at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville hosted a Shakespeare Festival, celebrating some of the Bard’s most classic works.

Episcopal School sophomores hold Shakespeare Festival

Tenth graders at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville celebrated the Bard and some of his most cherished plays at a Shakespeare Festival, held last month at the school’s Munnerlyn Campus.

“Othello,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Antony and Cleopatra” were among the works performed for sixth thru ninth graders on the 20 outdoor stages arranged throughout the campus. Other performances included “King Lear,” “As You Like It” and “Hamlet.” In addition to performing, the participating students worked on the production side as well, working on costumes, posters and other preparations that went on behind the scenes.

“Tenth grade English instructor Carson Strohecker made this event come to life,” said English Department Chair Cathy Kanaday in a news release. “With his amazing vision, combined with patience and attention to detail, this project gave us true Community Theater. Sixth through tenth graders and faculty all across campus were sharing and learning alongside each other.”

“In addition to the celebration of Shakespeare’s inherent, timeless brilliance, this event was also a celebration of how very much our students can accomplish,” she added. “The sophomores all worked with plays which were outside of our curriculum. Really, they wound up being teachers as much as performers, figuring out how to share their research, discoveries, and creativity with each audience.”

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