Voter Information: What to know

Election Day for the Duval Unitary First Election is coming up on March 21.

By now, voters impacted by the new court-ordered Jacksonville City Council District map — approximately 200,000 voters, according to the Duval County Supervisor of Election’s (SOE) office — should have received their new voter information card displaying their updated district and designated polling precinct.

Early voting for the March 21 election begins March 6 and runs until the 19th. Registered voters can visit any one of the 18 early voting sites to cast their ballots during that timeframe. These locations are open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A full list of the early voting sites can be found at under “Early Voting.”

On the 21st, voters must visit their designated polling precinct to cast their votes.

Should a single candidate fail to obtain a majority vote in any race, the top two candidates with the most votes in that race will go on to a runoff election on May 16.

In preparation for the election, the SOE held a Logic and Accuracy Test, as mandated by Florida statute, on Friday, Feb. 24. During this test, election staff members displayed 19 voting tabulators in operation, chosen at random from each Jacksonville City Council District and one early voting site, to ensure “the machines are working properly and counting votes accurately.” Four “high speed central count tabulators” were tested as well. Conducted before the Election Canvassing Board, the test was also open to the public and members of the media.

To view a full list of candidates for all city council districts and countywide seats, or for more information about voting sites and procedures, please visit The following list was taken from the Duval County SOE “Qualified Candidate List,” also available on the website.


Omega Allen (NPA)

LeAnna Gutierrez Cumber (REP)

Daniel Davis (REP)

Donna Deegan (DEM)

Al Ferraro (REP)

Audrey Gibson (DEM)

Brian Griffin (WRI)

Frank Keasler (REP)

Property Appraiser

Danny Becton (REP)

Jason Fischer (REP)

Joyce Morgan (DEM)


T.K. Waters (REP)*

Supervisor of Elections

Jerry Holland (REP)*

Tax Collector

Jim Overton (REP)*

City Council At-Large Group 1

Terrance Freeman (REP)

Eric Parker (LPF)

City Council At-Large Group 2

Joshua Hicks (DEM)

Ron Salem (REP)

City Council At-Large Group 3

Nick Howland (REP)*

City Council At-Large Group 4

Matt Carlucci (REP)*

City Council At-Large Group 5

Reginald K. Blount (REP)

Charles Garrison (DEM)

Jack Meeks (NPA)

Chris Miller (REP)

Nahshon Nicks (DEM)

Jerry “Tub” Rorabaugh (LPF)

Specific to The Resident readership are the elections for city council representatives in Districts 5, 7 and, in small part, 9. These are the candidates for these districts:

District 5

Joe Carlucci (REP)

Morgan Roberts (REP)

District 7

Joseph Hogan (REP)

Parrish King (NPA)

Jimmy Peluso (DEM)

John Philips (DEM)

Kim Pryor (DEM)

District 9

Shanna Carter (DEM)

Tyrona Clark-Murray (DEM)

Celestine Mills (DEM)

Mike Muldoon (REP)

TaNita S. Noisette-Woods (DEM)

Kamren Stowers (DEM)

* These candidates are running unopposed in their respective races.

By Michele Leivas
Resident Community News

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