St. Patty’s Raises $8K for St. Paul’s

St. Patty’s Raises $8K for St. Paul’s
Fourth-graders, shown at the start of their St. Patty’s Jig Jog Fun Run, raised the most funds of any grade.

St. Paul’s Catholic School-Riverside students raised more than $16,165 for playground improvements through the St. Patty’s Jig Jog Fun Run, held on the historic campus March 17.

School principal Kim Repper said the original goal amount of $8,000 was raised within five days of announcing the event to the school community. Funds will go toward resurfacing the school playground and installing shaded seating.

“Half of our playground is sand. The kids get it in their hair and their shoes. Our goal is to replace the ‘sandlot’ with new playground surfacing. The children also have limited shaded spots to hang out, and we would like to add shaded seating,” said Repper.

“The most exciting part of this type of event is the community engagement. It is always joyful to have our parents and teachers rallying on the kids for a common purpose,” she said.

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