In Memoriam: Joseph Price Perry Jr.

In Memoriam: Joseph Price Perry Jr.
Joseph Price Perry Jr.
October 29, 1927 – April 17, 2023

October 29, 1927 – April 17, 2023

JP Perry Jr.  passed away April 17th, 2023 in the care of Community Hospice at Baptist South Hospital in Jacksonville Florida.  He was 95 years old and lived in a period that saw a transformation in almost every facet of life. He was a member of what has been called the “Greatest Generation”. 

JP was born in a farmhouse in Columbia County, just outside of Lake City, Florida on October 29th in 1927. The family were Florida pioneers that had moved to the area from Georgia in the mid-1800s.  They had no electricity, no phone, no indoor plumbing, no tractor……in other words life was pretty much as it had been for several hundred years! 

JP knew how to plow a field with mules and make lye soap, pick cotton, and cure tobacco, milk cows and slaughter hogs.  That self-sufficient farm life got them through the Great Depression and gave JP an appreciation and respect for hard work no matter what kind of work it was.  He was an exceptional student and was a member of the National Honor Society when he graduated from Columbia County High School in 1945.  He had won a public speaking competition and had earned a State of Florida scholarship to The University of Florida to be a teacher.  In his first semester JP got a draft notice and was inducted into the U.S. Army. 

WWII had just ended and after basic training he was sent to Milan, Italy to serve in the occupation forces.  Because he had interned at the local bank during High School summer vacation, JP ended up in the Finance Corps. He quickly rose to the rank of Sargent and at age 19 was put in charge of the Milan office that changed currencies for the soldiers coming and going between Switzerland, Italy, and France.  After his tour of duty, he returned to Florida and with the GI bill, pursued the study of law. He earned his law degree from the University of Florida in 1951 and went to work for the Travelers Insurance Company in Jacksonville.

JP married Carol Dow from Jacksonville on February 5th, 1951, and they were married for 61 years until her death in 2012.

In 1954, he founded JP Perry Insurance which has grown into one of Jacksonville’s leading family-owned independent insurance agencies. JP spent his working life building the business and remained a mentor and cheerleader to the next generation. Today, the culture of JP Perry Insurance reflects his personality, appreciation of hard work and focus on doing his best for the customer. 

JP loved all the Florida Gator sports teams, especially the football program and had many memorable championship road trips with family and friends. In their early years together JP and Carol also enjoyed family trips around Florida and to the North Carolina mountains. As they became more established their travels extended overseas to enjoy much of Europe and many cruises together. JP’s spiritual life was nurtured in a small Methodist church that was the 2nd oldest in Florida and shared a Pastor with 3 other small churches.  After he and Carol were married, they joined Springfield Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville where Carol’s family was long established. 

He was later a member of Lakewood Presbyterian Church and then Mandarin Presbyterian Church. JP is survived by his son, Joseph P Perry III and beloved daughter in law Janet Jurovaty Perry, his two granddaughters that were his pride and joy, Kathryn Perry Cooper and Morgan Joanne Perry, grandson in law Rick Cooper, and nieces Laurie Dow and Kathleen Painter.

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