Clay Mono Print Workshop

February 4, 2017 @ 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Murray Hill Art Center
4327 Kerle St
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Space will be limited to 10 students only.

Call Patti at 904-699-7571


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Students will learn how the layering of colored slips and textures upon a slab of clay will produce sophisticated clay monoprints. Since 1968, Mitch Lyons has been pioneering his image making from a slab of clay. After rolling out a ¼” thick slab of stoneware clay and allowing it to dry to a leather-hard consistency, colored slips are brushed on, dried and rolled into the clay slab, one color over another, building the design with images, colors and textures. Once the slab is rolled flat, a moistened piece of nonwoven paper is placed over the slab.  Pressure is applied using a rolling pin to transfer the clay slips onto the paper. This process uses simple tools to produce very sophisticated results. Get ready to use clay in a very different way.

Each student usually prints about 3 or 4 clay mono prints to bring home with them while leaving with the knowledge to make their additionl  Mono prints in the future.

Fee: $250 for entire 2 days.


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