St Johns River

Maple Leaf divers visit artifacts in Tallahassee

Maple Leaf divers visit  artifacts in Tallahassee

No matter what else they have done, a few Jacksonville men will most certainly always be known locally as “the Maple Leaf divers,” thanks to their exploits 35 years ago when they recovered thousands of Civil War artifacts from a watery grave in the St. Johns River off Mandarin Point. Twenty-four years later they were […]

Fishweir Creek restoration project moving along in survey, design phase

The Army Corps of Engineers has been moving along with initial design and survey steps for the proposed aquatic habitat ecosystem restoration project on Fishweir Creek.  Since meeting with residents on both sides of the creek – in Fairfax Manor and the Arden neighborhood – in late September 2018, the Corps has completed its topographic […]

Nonprofit promotes Jacksonville from its best view, the waterways

When it comes to promoting the River City’s waterways as economic and recreational assets, there are none better to serve as ambassadors than the members of the 44-year-old Jacksonville Commodores League. The civic-minded group of business and professional leaders who believe the area’s marine environment, and the playground that is the St. Johns River, is […]