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Community & Newcomers Guide | 2021-2022 | Vol.7

Welcome to Jacksonville and to its historic neighborhoods of Riverside, Avondale, Ortega and Murray Hill, San Marco, San Jose and St. Nicholas. We’re so glad you’re here!

2021-2022 / Vol. 7
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Whether you’re a new neighbor or a passing visitor, empty nesters or a young family, a college student or a business professional, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

From the walkability and the plethora of parks, dining options, unique small businesses, streetscapes lined with trees draped in Spanish moss or the St. Johns River that flows flowing through the middle of it all, Southern charm flourishes in the neighborhoods.

These attributes of the established areas of our city have such an infectious power to attract, when combined with the cost of living, lower taxes, and ability to enjoy the Florida sunshine throughout the calendar year, it creates an exceptional quality of life.

It’s no wonder Forbes has consecutively, since 2018, ranked Jacksonville among the 25 best places to retire. And, in July of 2021, U.S. News & World Report ranked Jacksonville on the list of the 25 Best Places to Live, making the list at No. 22, alongside three other Florida cities.

This part of the Sunshine State is growing, and the latest Census numbers released show the population rising rapidly, up 15% year-overyear according to numbers in Duval County alone, rising to 995,567 in 2021. Need we say more?

We love Jacksonville at large, but the historic neighborhoods we serve hold special meaning for us. As owner-operators of our family-owned publishing company, The Resident Community News Group, Inc., we are proud to have been spreading the good news of the immediate area for 15 years. In addition to this Historic Life magazine, browse our other publications both online and in print, support local merchants and if we can help your venture grow, please consider advertising with us!

Every month, our news group direct-mails over 30,000 copies of Resident News, with 15,000 per market, in homes and in the mailbox, not in a soggy, wet bag in your driveway! In addition, our presence is felt throughout the area, as several thousand papers are on racks, in shops and shared with the community after coming hot off the press.

Resident Community News Group also publishes North Florida’s premier charity magazine titled, Circles—Social Datebook & Charity Register. The magazine serves an amazing role of educating and informing, as well as introducing locals to causes near and dear to our community. Thanks to our considerate and generous residents, our news group is able to highlight stories that inspire, covers and reports from the frontlines of the social circuit, and opens up hearts and minds to the needs fulfilled, and those yet to be fulfilled, in our community. Welcome Home,

Pamela & Seth Williams

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