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Community & Newcomers Guide | 2020-2021 | Vol.6

Welcome! It is our pleasure to invite you into the pages of our Historic Life Community & Newcomers Guide to Jacksonville’s Historic Districts. You have arrived at a very special place. The homes in these unique communities are defined by their rich architectural diversity and successful historic preservation creating a small-town atmosphere that is attractive to visitors, newcomers, and long-time residents alike.  These neighborhoods include  picturesque environs – stunning waterways, magnolia and oak-lined streets dripping with Spanish moss, pocket parks and playgrounds, enclaves of small shops and hip restaurants, and most especially much desired greenspace that allows for space to breathe, which is craved by young and old alike.

Historic Life - Vol. 6
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Newcomers to our neighborhoods are warmly welcomed with native Southern hospitality. Although at present social distancing appears to be the norm, at least for a while, no one here is really a stranger. Within the boundaries of the historic districts you will find a diverse mix of single young professionals, stay-at-home moms or dads, couples, families, seniors, and retirees. Front-porch visits and cordial waves of greeting from neighbors and friends remain everyday staples. Exploring these zip codes can be the first step to finding that special place unlike any other – home.

It’s no secret that Northeast Florida’s year-round sunny days and moderate temperatures promote a healthy, active lifestyle. The mild climate allows residents to take for granted the type of weather those who live in the rest of the country go on vacation to enjoy. And the mild climate allows for participation in a broad range of land and water sports that can be savored year around. The historic districts offer highly walkable and bikeable neighborhoods filled with sidewalks, pedestrian paths, foot bridges and, of course, the Riverwalk, which stretches along the North and South banks of the St. Johns River – the perfect place to spot manatees and dolphins. 

An investment in the historic districts is always a wise decision. Whether you choose to reside in Riverside, Avondale, Ortega or Murray Hill, located on the southwest side of the St. Johns River from downtown, or San Marco, St. Nicholas or San Jose directly across the water to the southeast, we’re sure you will find a comfortable place to call home. Residential sales remain constant and competitive despite the most trying of economic times. Historically, property values have been known to hold steady and often increase, creating a stable real estate micro-market. 

 The purpose of Historic Life is to provide an annual introduction to all that is offered within Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods. Within its pages you will find an overview of the district’s history, architecture, schools, churches, healthcare facilities, parks, wildlife, sports, entertainment, attractions, and more. Neighborhood businesses desire your patronage, and many have served residents for generations. 

Meanwhile, there are a vast variety of neighborhood eateries that offer both casual and fine dining. Many restaurants within the historic districts are consistently ranked among the best in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

We hope these information-packed pages and our monthly free newspaper, the Resident Community News, which you will find in your mailbox, will help you connect and understand all that this very special area of Jacksonville has to offer. So, we offer a warm welcome to you. We are so glad you are here.

Pamela & Seth Williams

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