Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor from our fiercely loyal readers.

Action needed to change 5G ordinance in Jacksonville

Letter to the Editor Thanks are due to The Resident for the article 5G Poles Crop Up in Riverside in the February Edition.  Operating less than 100’ from homes, this facility appeared without notice in Riverside-Avondale. No sign, no certificate of appropriateness (COA), no National Historic Preservation Act review, no hearing at which neighbors could […]

Concern with 5G Poles in Riverside

Letter to the Editor Your article, 5G Poles Crop Up in Riverside, cites only aesthetics, historic preservation, and property values as problems with wireless transmission facilities (WTFs).  Of primary importance, however, are safety and health, environmental health, and cybersurveillance, with loss of privacy. Presently, Jacksonville has 140 WTF applications or permits pending.  Residents have analyzed […]

Guest Commentary: Successful development of the Northbank requires vision, political will, transparency, and urgency

The views and opinions in Guest Commentary are solely those of the author. These views and opinions do not reflect those of The Resident News or any contributors to this publication. By Michael BalankySouthbankMichael Balanky is a third generation Jacksonville native and is President/CEO of Chase Properties, Inc. Jacksonville has a rare opportunity to develop […]

Letter to the Editor

Hello Marcia Many people have contacted me about the articles published.  I think everyone in town reads Resident Community News – from cover to cover. I do and apparently so does everyone else! I appreciate you more than you know – your article has helped to remind about missing children. Thank you for your kindness […]

School PTA thanks generous donors

Letters to the Editor are submitted as OPINION. The Resident Community News does not stand behind these statements as accurate or factual. Dear Editor: West Riverside Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) would like to thank four of its major sponsors, VyStar Credit Union, Coldwell Banker Vanguard (CBV) CARES of Avondale, Cowford Realty & Design, and […]

Reader concerned off-road biking will damage beloved park

Reader concerned off-road biking will damage beloved park

I write to express my concern and opposition to the off-road bicycling competition held within Willowbranch Park every Thursday during the month of October. This event that happens each fall creates scars across the landscape that may take years to recover.  As an off-road cyclist and a Riverside resident, I, too, understand the particular enjoyment […]

Reader congratulates The Resident on 13 successful years

Congratulations to The Resident Community News on 13 years of existence! Your monthly newspaper is the third and most successful journalistic publication of historic Jacksonville. During the 70s, we had The West Side Story, and around the 80s and 90s, there was The Express. In January 2007, The Resident published its inaugural edition, which covered […]

The Resident, a focus of good news in the community

Three years ago, when I joined St. John’s Cathedral as director of marketing and communications, I contacted The Resident Community News about taking out a monthly advertisement. The Cathedral is downtown, outside of the delivery area of the newspapers, but many of our parishioners live in these areas. Advertising in the paper has been a […]

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