Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor from our fiercely loyal readers.

School denounces racism and bigotry

Dear Editor: The death of George Floyd was senseless and profoundly disturbing. Since this tragedy, thousands of Americans have peacefully demonstrated in cities and towns across the country to voice their anguish and to make clear racism is a deep wound in our nation that we must collectively work to heal. We at Episcopal School […]

San Marco peaceful protest sends positive message to community

Dear Editor: On behalf of the businesses in San Marco, I would like to commend Michael Anderson and Stefanie Levine who organized the I CAN’T BREATHE SOLIDARITY: Reflection Walk in San Marco on June 3rd. It was peaceful and safe for all involved. And above all else, it sent a positive message to the entire […]

Call to change Hemming Park’s moniker

Dear Editor: It is time to change the name of Hemming Park to “St. James Park,” which was its name for several decades prior to being renamed after Charles Hemming. The Confederate Monument in Hemming Park was unveiled on June 16, 1898, during the reunion of the United Confederate Veterans. A year later, the Jacksonville […]

The Resident a ‘lifesaver’ in troubled times

Dear Editor,  I just had to take a few minutes to let you and your staff know how thankful my husband Jim and I are for The Resident! With all that is going on at the national, state, and local level with this virus and the protests and the shootings and stressful news in general, The […]

Family in Healthcare: Everyone I Depend on Could Be Gone

Family in Healthcare: Everyone I Depend on Could Be Gone

It has become the new daily routine- as soon as they get home, they go straight from the garage to the nearby bathroom to take a shower, sterilize their cellphones, throw scrubs in the wash, and leave work gear in the car so we never touch it. No declaration that they are home. No hug […]

Thankful for recent donations, nonprofit reminds community need is still great

When community emergencies such as the current COVID-19 crisis occur, Aging True Community Senior Services is one of the first organizations called to the front line when it comes to serving some of the most vulnerable in our community – the elderly. While weeks of social distancing and isolation have taken a toll on many […]

Resident readers answer call, impact those in need

I’d like to thank The Resident Community News for being a big champion and supporter of Clara White Mission and its services during the 26 years I’ve been at the mission. I especially appreciate the coverage you have given us during this time of COVID-19. It’s been very hard to share the needs and challenges […]

Concern over the fate of the South Jacksonville Presbyterian Preschool

Dear Editor:  I am a parent at South Jacksonville Presbyterian Preschool and the president of our Family Volunteer Organization, which is similar to a preschool PTA program. I was given your contact info as a way to voice my concern about the fate of our preschool that has been in operation for more than 60 […]

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