Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor from our fiercely loyal readers.

Reader congratulates The Resident on 13 successful years

Congratulations to The Resident Community News on 13 years of existence! Your monthly newspaper is the third and most successful journalistic publication of historic Jacksonville. During the 70s, we had The West Side Story, and around the 80s and 90s, there was The Express. In January 2007, The Resident published its inaugural edition, which covered […]

The Resident, a focus of good news in the community

Three years ago, when I joined St. John’s Cathedral as director of marketing and communications, I contacted The Resident Community News about taking out a monthly advertisement. The Cathedral is downtown, outside of the delivery area of the newspapers, but many of our parishioners live in these areas. Advertising in the paper has been a […]

Masks are required in all Duval County Public Schools

I just wanted to alert you of a correction that should be made to the article “Uncertainty Haunts Educators,” that appeared in both the Riverside and San Marco Resident Community News. In this article, it is mentioned that DCPS (Duval County Public Schools) is not requiring masks, but only encouraging them. As a high school […]

Resident disputes need for mandated vaccinations

In response to the letter in the current issue of the San Marco Resident titled “Children need wellness appointments, vaccinations,” I wonder if the good doctors are aware of the unexpected benefits of the drop in these visits and the accompanying vaccinations.  It seems that, according to CDC statistics listed in “Lessons from the Lockdown: […]

Residents debate need for name change of Robert E. Lee High school and others: Part 2

My wife Betty and I are writing in opposition to changing the name of Robert E. Lee High School as alumni of the classes of    1966  and 1967 respectively. We met at Lee, married and have been married 51years. As graduates of Lee, we are true Generals as are so many of the young […]

Residents debate need for name change of Robert E. Lee High school and others: Part 1

This is a very difficult decision and should not be made as an immediate, knee-jerk reaction to pressure brought by either those favoring change or those opposing it. We encourage the Duval County School  Board  to consider it carefully and allow further thoughtful input from both positions. On balance, however, we are convinced that the […]

Lee High’s name inspires music, military, risk-taking

I think Robert E. Lee is a fine role model for young people. Above all, Lee was a risk taker – a great example for today’s risk-adverse students, many of whom are petrified of competition. Lee, on the other hand, was a formidable general, and after the war, he dedicated his life to education. Yes, […]

Changing Lee High’s name is a sin

Here are my thoughts and memories of the traditional Thanksgiving football games between Robert E. Lee – Andrew Jackson High Schools.  First, I want to mention my family – my Dad (Lee class of ’48), my mother (Jackson class of ’50) and me (Lee class of ’69). It was a great Thanksgiving tradition. I can honestly […]

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