St. Vincent’s green team sprouts


Words like reduce, reuse and recycle are some of the new non-medical buzzwords coming out of St. Vincent’s Riverside.
The hospital launched a new recycling program in the cafeterias of St. Catherine Laboure Manor, St. Vincent’s Riverside and St. Vincent’s Southside. The program sprouted in partnership with Stericycle, according to hospital officials.
Stericycle role is to provide educational sessions with each department to discuss the program, waste streams and container placement.
St. Vincent’s officials asked employees to participate and contribute to a healthier environment by sorting recyclables and placing them in the appropriate containers in the clinical units and cafeterias.
Members of the hospital’s new green team are: Edward Bateh, Charles Berberette, Eileen Davis, Julie Desser, Joan Drega, Jason Edgar, Greg George, Betty Gerard, Shawn Jeror, Leann John, Dusko Klipa, Dee McKrow, Tony Newman, Rich Norris, David Pritchett, Wanda Pink and Amy Svensson.

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