Neighbors of Stockton Elementary alerted to vandalism at the school

In a letter to community members and parents of Stockton Elementary students, Principal Charlene McEarl addressed recent acts of vandalism at the school.
“I am writing to advise you of the extra steps we are taking to address the incidents of vandalism that have recently occurred on and near our campus. As many of you know, we share a joint use agreement with the city of Jacksonville, permitting use of our campus to community members during after school and weekend hours. It is a great source of pride to share our beautiful facility with citizens, however, we expect and hold them accountable to treating it with a high-level of care and respect.
“Of late, we have discovered graffiti and damage to our premises that security officials report have occurred during weekend and after-hour use.”
According to McEarl, a comprehensive search of the property – both on and near the campus – was conducted and it was determined that there are no threats to the safety of the students or the building.

“While we are pleased with the responsiveness of our security officials, we request your support in alerting us to any activity that you may see during non-school hours. In the meantime, we will maintain an increased security presence to ensure that persons understand the commitment we hold to maintaining a safe and secure campus for all attending or visiting John Stockton Elementary School.” If you have questions, please contact McEarl at (904) 381-3955.

In support of McEarl’s communication, Lee Norville, president of the Ortega Forest Association, said, “Ortega Forest is one of the greatest subdivisions in America, and John Stockton Elementary is one of the jewels in our crown. The recent vandalism is a shame but it happens everywhere. However, the vandalism in Ortega Forest has dropped significantly since we installed security cameras at each entrance,” Norville said. “We hope that residents will come forward with vehicle descriptions and times of the incidents so that we might review the surveillance video and catch the vandals.”

The Ortega Forest Association also has a website, and sends email alerts regarding suspicious persons, lost pets, acts of vandalism, etc. “We are a vigilant group and the distribution of Principal McEarl’s letter to our residents will make everyone keep a watchful eye and hopefully put an end to these unfortunate acts,” Norville concluded.

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