Douglas Anderson student re-elected as class president

Michael_McGregorTwo-time winner Michael McGregor has a lot going for him heading into his senior year at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. McGregor holds a distinction for being elected class president for both his junior and senior years. The Class of 2014’s 254 students thought highly enough of McGregor to put him in office again.
“I feel honored to have earned their respect to an extent that reached beyond the temptation for a change in class officers. The trust and esteem I have earned from my companions leaves me in a state of permanent gratitude,” said McGregor. “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities, and this upcoming year I aim to integrate more demonstrations of school spirit, especially for the Class of 2014.”
After high school, McGregor said he would like to go to a state university, “but Georgia Tech seems very promising in that its civil engineering program exceeds expectations for grads in that major which is, more than likely, what I want to do with my life.”
McGregor also participates in the school’s first Jazz band, which involves a lot of traveling. The National Honor Society member also took a seat in the FMEA Guitar Allstate Competition in January, for which selected players met in Tampa to be part of a guitar ensemble.

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