5 Points design guidelines possible stepping stone for City

5 Points design guidelines possible stepping stone for City

5 Points and Lomax


The new concept plan for 5 Points has been pretty much vetted by everyone. It’s been shared with area merchants and residents, the Riverside Avondale Preservation members and the Board, the Context Sensitive Standards Committee of the City of Jacksonville, and finally last month, the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission.
Since the historic ordinance covers the setting (trees, streets, etc.) as well as buildings in a historic district, it was reassuring to know that, by and large, the Commission thought it was a good design for 5 Points, according to Stephen Tocknell, Tocknell Planning Services LLC.

“There is some concern about changing Lomax Street to a one-way street,” said Tocknell, “but the Commission felt the gain [in sidewalk room for pedestrians and cafes] was worth it.”
Tocknell also noted that the design guidelines will provide a stepping stone for the Context Sensitive Standards Committee in developing standards for pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly streets in urban Jacksonville.

Now that RAP’s review and comment period is over, the next phase will be construction drawings, which will be submitted to the Commission for a Certificate of Appropriateness. For more information, contact Stephen Tocknell at (904) 638-6629 or email [email protected]

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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