Cold case solved five years later

Cold case solved five years later

Armitage King Mitchner

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office recently announced a break-through in a rape case that is nearly five years old. Thanks to DNA profiling, three suspects were arrested for kidnapping and sexual battery.

On Oct. 9, 2009, suspects Stanley Armitage (then 15), Martin King (also 15) and Rakeem Mitchner (19 at the time of the incident) kidnapped a woman riding her bicycle in Riverside near the Publix on Margaret Street. She was brutally beaten and raped by all three men.

According to a recap sent to media by the JSO, the case was worked extensively and a DNA profile was developed, however, no matching profile was found in the CODIS database at that time. The case was suspended after all leads were exhausted.

In December 2013, JSO was notified of a match to Stanley Armitage, who had been arrested and sentenced to probation on an armed robbery in Oregon. JSO detectives obtained a warrant arrest and interviewed Armitage in Oregon, where he identified King and Mitchner.

All three suspects are awaiting trial, currently incarcerated in the detention facility.

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