Food trucks win fight to stay Downtown

For all intents and purposes, the food fight is over. After five public meetings, from Feb. 25 to Apr. 7, an amendment to Chapter 250 (Miscellaneous Business Regulations) of the Municipal Code will soon be introduced to City Council that will allow “mobile food dispensing vendors” to operate downtown without excessive restrictions. The amendment, in summary, does not prohibit food trucks from operating near brick and mortar restaurants as long as they remain at least 50 feet away, provide trash receptacles, and restrict free-standing signage to three feet in height and six square feet in area, located within five feet of the vehicle.

Food truck vendors may only  operate in the Hemming Plaza area on Thursdays and Fridays (as is currently the case), cannot park in metered spaces and must obtain permission from any lot owners before setting up operations.

The bill will create several new subsections to what is currently a single paragraph in the Municipal Code, putting in writing the requirements for licenses, permits, indemnifications, insurance, and violations and enforcements.

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