San Marco Girl Scout develops YouTube series about museum artifacts

San Marco Girl Scout develops YouTube series about museum artifacts

San Marco resident Regan Foote has a vision to help people understand the importance of museums and what they offer. One video at a time, Foote is teaching others about the treasurers within museums.

In her trailer, Foote informs viewers that “I love museums and I want to spread the love for museums to all you guys because they are just a fantastic way to learn.”
A member of Girl Scout Troop 531 and a rising junior at Stanton College Preparatory School, Foote is currently working on her Gold Award project, a YouTube channel with videos promoting museum awareness. The Gold Award is the highest achievement a Girl Scout can earn, and is composed of a long lasting and meaningful project that betters the community and the world.

Foote has long had an interest in education and museums, and addresses both topics in her project. Her videos provide educational content about various museum artifacts and exhibits, including segments on Rubik’s Cube, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, and The Megalodon, among others.

This project is also expanding YouTube’s educational content in general, which has become a helpful and enriching tool for both teachers and students. Foote hopes to create interesting and intriguing content that will entertain younger viewers. She understands that many students may not enjoy conventional teaching methods, which is why she has taken on this project and created a solution to this issue. As of June, her videos have been viewed over 2,000 times.

The reach of Foote’s project is greatly improved when people “like” her videos and “subscribe” to her channel, The more people that watch and share her videos, the greater the impact she makes on the community.

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