Dog survives fall from Mathews Bridge

Dog survives fall from Mathews Bridge

A dog is now safe in the care of the Jacksonville Humane Society after a near-death experience this weekend. Good Samaritan Michelle Munley rescued the dog after it jumped off the top of the Mathews Bridge this past Saturday.

Munley and her family were travelling east on State Road 115 when she spotted a small dog on the sidewalk at the foot of the bridge. Munley exited her car and attempted to catch the dog. The dog became scared and ran up the sidewalk, nearing the top of the bridge.  Several others stopped to assist. When the dog was almost at the peak of the bridge, an unknown person reached to grab it when suddenly the dog turned and leaped from the bridge into the St. John’s River.

Munley began frantically signaling a boat, which saw the dog and rescued her from the water. Munley left the bridge and met the boat at a nearby marina to retrieve the scared, tiny dog. The dog was taken to a clinic for a quick check-up, and was deemed stable. Munley and her family named the little dog “Bridgette” in honor of her adventure and provided her a loving, temporary home to recuperate after the ordeal.

Munley brought Bridgette to JHS so she can find a new loving, family. She is estimated to be four years old and a dachshund mix. Bridgette will be available for adoption in the coming days, after she is spayed and given a clean bill of health.

“Bridgette’s rescue is an amazing testament to the compassion in our community,” said Denise Deisler, JHS Executive Director. “Michelle’s generosity of spirit in helping this dog will bring joy to the lucky family who takes Bridget home.”

Those wishing to help fund Bridgette’s care at JHS can make a donation online, by going to and selecting “Medical Fund.” Donors can also call 904-493-4566 to make a donation.

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