Atlanta apartment developer releases plans for Bishopgate Lane

TriBridge Residential, LLC, an Atlanta-based developer, is seeking to construct multi-family apartment buildings on both sides of Bishopgate Lane in Riverside, pending completion of the sale of the properties currently held by HP500, LLC and NewJax II, LLC.

The combined parcels equal 1.83 acres and are currently vacant. The larger parcel, 1.34 acres at 500 Bishopgate Lane, was the site of the former Robin Shepherd Studios, which sold it to HP500, LLC in August 2013 after previously considering building an 80-unit high-rise condominium on the property.

The parcel listed at 555 Bishopgate was the site of the former 90-year-old home of Margaret Gould Weed, who lived there until her death in 1961. Bishopgate Lane was named for her father, Bishop Edwin Gardner Weed, third Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida. The historic home, which was owned by the Duval County Medical Society, was demolished three years ago as part of the property sales agreement with NewJax II, whose address is listed in Bristol, Virginia.

The planned unit development (PUD) submitted to the city’s Planning and Development Department on Oct. 31 describes up to 140 multifamily residential units to be constructed in two mid-rise structures up to 90 feet tall, not including any decorative rooftop structures. Under Robin Shepherd Studios’ PUD approved in 2006, the structure would have been a high-rise building up to 199 feet tall.

The current proposal indicates 97 one-bedroom units and 43 two-bedroom units, with 250 parking spaces provided in the interior of the larger proposed structure.

Property amenities are yet to be finalized but could include a swimming pool, cabana and/or clubhouse, athletic facilities and a dock with day slips.

TriBridge intends to put in a 15-foot wide riverwalk along 350 feet of frontage, similar to the Southbank Riverwalk, with paving, lighting, landscaping and street furniture. Pedestrian access will be available from both Bishopgate Lane and Lomax Street and five of the interior parking spaces will be reserved for public use of the riverwalk.

“The applicant believes very much in activating public spaces,” said Wyman Duggan, shareholder at Rogers Towers and the local attorney representing TriBridge Residential.

By Kate A. Hallock

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