In Memoriam: Kimberly Stordahl – November 20, 1969 – October 20, 2016

Kim Stordahl

Kim Stordahl

Jacksonville’s animal welfare community is mourning the loss of one of its most beloved members following the passing of Kimberly Dawn Stordahl on Oct. 20 after battling ovarian cancer.

Stordahl is best remembered as the founder of The Old Dog House, a nonprofit rescue organization whose mission is to give older and senior dogs a second, sometimes third, chance at living out their lives in dignity. Her belief that aging canines deserve love despite their age and frailty inspired many to provide forever homes for dogs that may otherwise have never made it to the adoption floor due to their age.

Stordahl is survived by her husband, Erik, with whom she partnered in her rescue efforts and who will continue to operate The Old Dog House in her memory. Erik will have strong support in his efforts, as many of Kim’s peers have vowed to continue her work in her honor.

“Those of us left behind will gladly march with him and carry the banner she so valiantly carried to the end,” said Susan Towler of Kamp Kritter Rescue Foundation. “She was a team player whose compassion and love for all those around her, human and canine, was grand. Her loss is a huge one and has left a hole in the heart of many in the rescue community and agencies she helped.”

Towler’s sentiments were echoed by others who spoke warmly of her qualities of compassion and humility. “I remember Kim as a kind and gentle soul. She was quiet and humble, never tooting her horn but rather quietly doing everything she could to help as many senior dogs as she could,” said Sandy Golding of St. Francis Animal Hospital. “In some ways, she seemed like ‘an old soul’ herself. Perhaps that is why Kim was driven to help the senior dogs.”

“Kim did everything she could to provide a place for older dogs from various shelters and other situations by finding them homes. If they couldn’t find a permanent home, she and Erik promised to keep them safe and provide a sanctuary for them until it was time to say goodbye,” shared Dione Garnand, who first met Kim as a volunteer at Animal Care and Protective Services.

As president of The Jed Fund, which assists animal welfare groups in funding projects that save more lives, Garnand participated in fundraising efforts for the installation of fencing around property recently purchased by Kim and Erik for an adoption facility.

A memorial celebration was held at the future facility’s site the week following her passing, allowing those close to Stordahl to celebrate her life in the space in which her legacy will actively live on.

Memorial contributions may be made to The Old Dog House in remembrance of Stordahl’s life and work. To support the organization’s continued efforts, visit

By Krysten L. Bennett
Resident Community News

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