Stockton holds Sports Science Spectacular

Stockton holds Sports Science Spectacular
Dr. Carl Freeman of Jacksonville Orthopedics Institute shows students an X-ray from a sports injury sustained by a Jacksonville Jaguar.

The annual John N.C. Stockton Elementary School Science Spectacular, organized and funded by the PTA, wrapped in sports this year under the theme “Stockton Sports Science Spectacular – STEM Race to the Finish Line.”

Nearly 500 kindergarten through fifth grade students rotated through eight hands-on science stations in which they completed a science experiment or activity. Each station focused on a unique element of sports science and demonstrated such principles as chemical reactions, friction, center of gravity, kinetic energy, air pressure, momentum and inertia, among others, in fun and engaging ways.

The January 20 whole-school event was engaging, instructional and encouraged higher thinking skills while helping students connect science to their day-to-day lives. The Orlando-based Mad Science Company presented two Mad Science Olympics assemblies.

Parents were also involved in the day-long event, which has been chaired for the past three years by PTA member Emma Benton, with help from former PTA president Stacey Russell and Bobbie Brewer, current PTA president. About 60 volunteers, including many fathers, ran each activity while college students from FSCJ and UNF helped. The PTA provided a barbecue lunch for all volunteers.

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