Baker Point Park erosion resolved

Baker Point Park erosion resolved
A concrete spillway was installed to deter future erosion.

Nearly four months after reporting an issue with erosion along the bulkhead at Baker Point Park on San Juan Avenue, the City of Jacksonville Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department is closing the books on the repair.

Back in June 2015, the City replaced 4.4 miles of seawall, including the portion along the Ortega River at the park. In late summer 2016, nearby residents noticed erosion had occurred at the juncture of the new seawall and a concrete retaining wall, which runs parallel to San Juan Avenue.

After repeated emails and phone calls to the City, Ronald and Carol Easter contacted The Resident in December, hoping to alert other residents of the potential danger. “That hole is very dangerous and if a child falls in it, the city is in for a big lawsuit,” said Carol Easter.

In early April, Parks, Recreation and Community Services filled the hole with stones and then over-filled it with dirt to allow for settling, before re-sodding the area.

Concurrently, Public Works performed routine maintenance to repair an eroded area adjacent to a section of the sidewalk a short distance east of the bulkhead.

“Maintenance force-filled the eroded area and poured in place a short section of curb along the sidewalk, which included a concrete spillway to deter/control additional erosion from re-occurring,” said Tia Ford, City spokesperson. “It is believed that storm water from the bridge run-off along the sidewalk contributed to the initial erosion.” 

Although the bulkhead hole repair was initially expected to be completed by early February, the project was done in April. Total cost of both the bulkhead erosion and the new spillway was $3,149.52.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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