Clayman Plastic Surgeons support local team at Keys 100

Clayman Plastic Surgeons support local team at Keys 100
Bobby, Elana and Dr. Loren Clayman celebrating the will to finish and win for others in need.

Helping “Stop the Clot” at ultra-marathon

Doctors Loren and Mark Clayman, both former All-American collegiate track athletes and charitable plastic surgeons at St. Vincent’s HealthCare Riverside, sponsored for the third year a relay team at the [Florida] Keys 100, an ultra-marathon race.

The six-man team of Bobby Clayman, Mike Carol, George Dover, Gary Laughlin, Brian Schumacher, and Scott McCarthy placed first in their division, bettering their time from last year by over one hour.

This year’s race was very special for team member Bobby Clayman. Last July, Bobby suffered a leg injury that required emergency surgery. Post-surgery, he suffered from blood clots in both legs and lungs. After several months of intense physical therapy, Bobby was able to compete and contribute to his team at a very high-level. He represented “Clot Busters Racing to Stop the Clot,” a group of worldwide athletes who compete while on blood thinners, a testament to all athletes to return to a normal lifestyle and continue to live again.

“We followed the race for 100 miles through all of the checkpoints, speaking with so many interesting competitors who shared their perspective on running, how they felt, why they do what they do, and the unique way that athletes live their life with goals and persistence. The race demonstrates the endurance of the runners and the commitment to teamwork, ethics, determination and mental fortitude,” commented Elana Clayman.

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