Promise of solar eclipse brings residents to local parks

With a nickname that promises more sunny days than not, Florida – The Sunshine State – fell down on the job Aug. 21, 2017. At least in Northeast Florida… in Jacksonville…where many pairs of solar glass-clad eyes tried to see the eclipse behind the clouds.
Some areas of Jacksonville were, indeed, conducive to viewing the continental eclipse. Not since June 18, 1918 has a solar eclipse been visible across the entire contiguous United States. Fourteen states were in the path of totality, while Northeast Florida experienced nearly 91 percent of totality, with the moon covering 90.58 percent of the sun at 2:47:42 p.m.
Memorial Park was one of many areas city-wide which drew spectators for the much-hyped event. Thanks to Glen McClary, who captured this image from the park:

Here are some scenes from Memorial Park just prior to maximum coverage:


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