Children learn kindness for animals at Camp Compassion

Children learn kindness for animals at Camp Compassion
Wrigley, therapy dog, gets attention from the students at Camp Compassion.

EPIC Outreach, a nonprofit dedicated to education outreach to teach compassion for people, animals and the environment, held a week-long Camp Compassion for up to 27 children in July at Southside Baptist Church. 

Guest speakers brought animals, including Wrigley, a therapy dog, and Pumpkin, a Guinea pig rescue, to help the campers learn about kindness. After the education sessions, games, arts and crafts projects reinforced the message that compassion makes a difference.

According to EPIC Outreach Director Jessie Miller, a Certified Humane Education Specialist, proof of the camp’s success came in the form of a note from a student’s mother: “Yesterday we had a few ants in our house and Charlie asked why we couldn’t just leave them alone and love them instead of hurt them.”

EPIC Outreach offers 1-2 hour programs in kindness to animals, dog safety for children, marine life awareness, finding the right pet, among others. Contact Miller at [email protected] or call (904) 274-1177 for details.

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