San Marco boy goes to Portugal through CISV

San Marco boy goes to Portugal through CISV
USA delegates and their group leader counterclockwise from top: Elena Coles, Benjamin Pochurek, Maya Patel, Sohan Gummadi, Jessica Van Cleave (leader)

Benjamin Pochurek, 11, of San Marco, participated in the CISV (Children’s International Summer Villages) program in Portugal this summer, after his first CISV experience at a mini-camp last year.

A sixth-grade student at Riverside Presbyterian Day School, Pochurek said traveling alone and meeting new people was a great experience. Although he doesn’t know Portuguese, Porchurek said he was learning Spanish in school

“It expanded my thoughts about the world,” said Pochurek, who will also attend a CISV Southern Regional Mini-camp over the Labor Day weekend. “CISV will change your life and give you different points of view on other countries.”

Although the Pochurek family hasn’t yet hosted students from other countries, they are looking forward to doing that in the future. Pochurek’s younger sister, Lanie, will also participate in the mini-camp, and apply for Village when she is 11.

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