Two bills under consideration affect parking, sidewalks

Two proposed ordinances currently before City Council’s Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee would affect parking spaces for bikes, motorcycles and cars, and the size of sidewalks.

Under Ordinance 2017-806, on-street parking spaces for motorcycles would be required to be 7-feet long and 4-feet wide (the current rule is 5 x 10 feet).

On-street parallel parking for cars would be required to have a minimum width of 7 feet and a step-out zone of at least 2 feet along the curb.

Parking spaces angled at 60 degrees would be required to have a 2-foot overhang at the curb and a 2-foot step-out zone.

The ordinance also changes the rules for bicyclists, who would be allow to “stop, stand or park a bicycle on a sidewalk” as long as it doesn’t impede pedestrians or other traffic.

Bicycle racks would be required to support the frame in two places and allow space for locking wheels and frame.

Bike racks also would be required to be conveniently located near buildings, in well-lighted areas but not interfere with pedestrian traffic, or block entrances or disabled parking spaces. Five feet of clearance would be required between a rack and a driveway or curb cut.

Ordinance 2017-805 addresses sidewalks, increasing the width of new or reconstructed sidewalks to 6 feet in most areas and to 8 feet downtown.

The ordinance also would require new or constructed streets to accommodate bicyclists in keeping with city’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

You can view the ordinances here:

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