‘Love Boone Park Day’ brings community together

Co-sponsored by the Friends of Boone Park South and Greenscape, 20 trees representing five varieties, were planted at the annual Love Boone Park South Day, Feb. 10. Eighteen individuals and families sponsored the trees, provided by Greenscape, also picked up trash and fallen limbs.

“Our goal is to plant 20 trees every year,” said Pamela Telis, founder of Friends of Boone Park South.

Joe Anderson, Jacksonville Energy Authority forester, brought shovels and provided direction for planting the live oaks, Shumard oaks, magnolias, East Palatka hollies and sweet gums. After planting each tree, the sponsor is responsible for watering it as needed throughout the year.

“We live a block away and wanted to be part of the solution to the damage done by Hurricane Irma,” said Tom Caron, who was there with his family and a friend. “It’s a good family activity…we learned to use a shovel,” he said, laughing.

Melanie Dobbins, who also lives nearby, planted a Palatka holly as her three-year-old son, Walter, watch closely from his wagon. “This park is our backyard and we want to make sure the tree canopy is rejuvenated after Irma,” said Dobbins. “It’s our family park; our two sons play here and we hope the tree will be here when they are older.”

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