IBERIABANK closes Ortega branch; two remain in Northeast Florida

IBERIABANK closes Ortega branch;  two remain in Northeast Florida
IBERIABANK on San Juan Avenue and Herschel Street closed Aug. 28.

A bank building constructed for Florida Bank in 2008 at the onset of the last economic recession, then acquired by Iberiabank Corp. in 2015, has closed its doors to customers at 4211 San Juan Ave. as of Aug. 28.

“Like many banks, IBERIABANK continues to adjust its model as we work to meet the changing needs of our client base,” said Abel Harding, executive vice president and North Florida Market president, via email. “Branch closures are occasionally part of that evolution as we work to provide more services via online banking and apps.”

The Ortega branch was one of three Iberiabank Corp. offices in Northeast Florida after the Lafayette, Louisiana-based financial institution acquired and merged with Florida Bank Group in 2015.

Customers were directed to the remaining two locations in downtown Jacksonville and in Ponte Vedra Beach, however, Harding noted the bank is working with its clients to offer solutions that best fit their needs. “With some of our commercial and business clients, we’ve introduced solutions that allow them to handle all of their banking needs through our online offerings. With others, we’ve offered a courier service. We are also exploring options that would allow us to continue to offer a full-service ATM in the neighborhood for our consumer clients,” he said.

“Our commercial and business banking clients are important to our continued growth, but we view consumer and private banking as a vital part of the equation as well,” Harding said. “We value our diverse client base and plan to continue to grow it throughout Jacksonville.”

Shortly before the onset of the economic recession in 2007, Florida Bank Group, Inc. bought the corner property for $1 million from Alfred and Martha Davis in September 2007. The 2,800-square-foot building and property has an assessed value of $949,800, according to the Property Appraiser’s website.

“Commercial space in the Ortega neighborhood is in high demand and we’ve been approached by a number of folks who recognize the unique value of our existing San Juan location, but it’s too early in the process to share any future plans for the site,” said Harding.

Regarding branch staff, Harding said the bank has worked with each of them to find other opportunities both inside and outside our organization. “We are thrilled that Tanya Guydos, who has managed the Ortega office for a number of years, has agreed to lead our Downtown team,” he said.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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