Voters get another chance to come to the polls

In a county with just over 600,000 registered voters, the turnout on March 19 was less than stellar. Only 24.52 percent of 606,036 voters – less than 150,000 – made the effort to get to the polls and cast their ballots.

The 75 percent who didn’t bother to vote can make their voices heard in several run-off races, including that of District 14.

The top news was the re-election of Lenny Curry, of San Marco, to serve the city-county government for a second term, as well as the re-election of Sheriff Mike Williams. Curry took 57.62 percent of the votes against three candidates (Omega Allen, Anna Lopez Brosche, and Jimmy Hill), while Williams had a slightly greater lead with 61.57 percent over Dr. Tony Cummings.

In District 14, which covers Riverside to Argyle Forest, including Avondale, Murray Hill, Ortega/Ortega Forest and Venetia, the votes were split between four candidates. Randy DeFoor (Rep) took 39.43 percent; Sunny Gettinger (Dem) had 27.79 percent; Henry Mooneyhan (Rep) earned 15.35 percent and Jimmy Peluso (Dem) garnered 17.24 percent. 

Because none of the candidates received 50 percent plus 1 vote, these results push DeFoor, of Ortega Forest, and Gettinger, of Avondale, to the May 14 run-off election. They commented about the race thus far.

Randy DeFoor
Randy DeFoor

“I am grateful for the support and trust that our community has placed in me on March 19. This election has been quite a journey, getting to know people across the district in the community that raised me,” said DeFoor. “I look forward to working each and every day, continuing to fight for this City. I hope to earn your support again on May 14.”

Gettinger said, “We’re grateful to be moving on to the runoff on May 14. District 14 was very lucky to have great candidates, including Jimmy Peluso and Henry Mooneyhan. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation on how we improve our infrastructure and build a stronger, safer city from the ground up as we continue this race.”

Sunny Gettinger
Sunny Gettinger

On his Facebook page, Peluso noted that he knocked on more than 20,000 doors during his campaign. “Overall, it’s been a pretty spectacular journey,” he said. “We did everything we could, and I don’t regret anything.”In two other districts, the run-off elections will also pit female against female, Democrat against Democrat. Ju’Coby Pittman will spar with Tameka Gaines Holly for the seat in District 8, while in District 10 Brenda Priestly Jackson will go against Celestine Mills.

Retaining their seats for another term were Joyce Morgan, District 1, Al Ferraro, District 2, Aaron Bowman, who ran unopposed in District 3, Scott Wilson, District 4, Reginald Gaffney, District 7, Garrett Dennis, District 9, Danny Becton, who ran unopposed in District 11, and Randy White, District 12. 

City Council will welcome newcomers LeAnna Cumber, who ran unopposed in District 5, Michael Boylan, former president and CEO of WJCT, in District 6, and Rory Diamond, who ran unopposed in District 13. 

San Marco resident Matt Carlucci won the race for At-Large Group 4 Council-member, garnering 71.49 percent of nearly 135,000 votes. Carlucci ran against former Councilman Don Redman and Ortega resident Harold McCart.

In other At-Large races, former Riverside resident Lisa King will meet District 10 incumbent Terrance Freeman in the run-off for the Group 1 seat. Newcomer Ron Salem will represent Group 2 with a 56.83 percent win, while Group 3 incumbent Tommy Hazouri, a former mayor and councilman, will continue to fight for his seat for another term against Greg Rachal. Group 5 will again be represented by Sam Newby.

In other races, Property Appraiser Jerry Holland retained his position with 65.97 percent of the vote as did Ortega resident Jim Overton as Tax Collector with 58.06 percent, beating At-Large Group 2 Councilman John Crescimbeni by 16 points.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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