A golden opportunity awaits in St. Nicholas: Calling entrepreneurs, business owners and savvy investors

St. Nicholas - Commercial Building for Lease
St. Nicholas – Commercial Building for Lease

There’s commercial space in St. Nicholas for lease that’s ripe for strong business concepts. The collection of buildings, located from 2705 to 2727 Atlantic Blvd, is being redefined as a pet-oriented campus, and can accommodate anyone looking to grow their business in conjunction with one of the best loved animal hospitals in the Jacksonville area. The location is prime, next door to San Marco, the bustling Southbank and our growing Downtown.

Jon Singleton
Jon Singleton

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs can take full advantage of the innate factors that matter most to the success of businesses – high traffic counts, street visibility and the nearby affluent customer base, along with a built in draw of 1,000s of loyal pet owners, bringing their furry family members to St. Francis Animal Hospital from all over Northeast Florida. Currently, St. Francis occupies 5,000 of the 20,000 square-foot campus, leaving plenty of availability for grooming, boarding, retail, day care, and food concepts catering to pet owners.

“The entire block has such potential, from the surplus of parking, to the steady flow of traffic on the thoroughfare that is Atlantic Blvd.,” said Dr. Susie Shelton, owner of the property. She’s also the lead veterinarian at St. Francis Animal Hospital that occupies the building and knows that the campus can suit a multitude of uses. “There’s approximately 15,000-square-feet of indoor space available to work with and great outdoor potential as well. We feel that the possibilities are endless for the right fit,” she said. 

Shelton has enlisted the help of Jon Singleton with Watson Realty, one of the area’s top real estate agents. Jon is confident in the strength of the market and the demand for this type of use. He’s so confident that he’s immediately jumped in and taken on the showings and conversations with future tenants and is working to foster the right relationships for Dr. Shelton in future ventures. 

“Susie and I have worked together for years, she’s a great businesswoman and a compassionate veterinarian. She understands the market, and she knows we can find some fantastic people that want to either partner up with animal-based business models or can provide a service outside of that niche that takes advantage of this customer stream,” shared Singleton. “There are models that exist in the pet industry and many of them would marry nicely into this business. Susie has such a loyal following, and this will simply complete the package and provide a more holistic experience for her customers,” Singleton continued. “We also really enjoy collaborating, and have partnered with the fundraiser Chariots of Fur, and other endeavors in the past. She and I have both been recognized as city-wide favorites through numerous venues, and love combining our positive energies!”

While not dead set on an animal-related concept, Singleton and Shelton are also welcoming ideas for an entirely new venture – like a brewing company, natural juice bar, gym concept, wellness center, or any other ‘outside of the box’ tenant. With ample parking and a sprawling oak that provides shade and green space in the back of the property, there’s a lot to work with. “The fact that I have a thriving practice with clients coming from over 25 different ZIP codes is huge,” said Shelton. It provides a pipeline for any animal related businesses or others that offer amenities for those waiting for their pets. 

For the entrepreneur seeking space for expanding a model concept like Kanine Social in the Brooklyn area or Brew Hound in Atlantic Beach; the immediate impact could be felt by way of the veterinary practice. Many animal procedures take time, grooming takes time, and the recovery from trauma takes time. This time could be spent enjoying downtime at a hybrid brewing concept, a juice bar, or perhaps a complimentary wellness concept for animals. Additionally, services like boarding could be combined with grooming in a campus-like setting with shopping and other amenities.

If you have a project and want to explore the options, visit the buildings, and walk the property, give Jon Singleton a call or visit www.2727AtlanticBlvd.com to view photos, learn more and discover the best location for your next venture. Bring your concept to the masses and get noticed in this prime piece of real estate by calling 904-226-3480, ask for Jon Singleton.

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