Hospital CEOs in Northeast Florida create Virtual Community Command Center

Hospital CEOs in Northeast Florida create Virtual Community Command Center

The health and safety of our patients and our community remains our top priority.

We understand there may be concerns related to future demand for acute care, and our region’s ability to meet these needs. While we have hospital bed capacity today, we are looking ahead, working around the clock to ensure we are ready to manage a potential surge in patient needs. Keep in mind that only a portion of those hospitalized will require intensive care.

Possible acuity of patients is just one of the many variables we are looking at, using predictive analytics to project various possible “surge” scenarios. Across our region, we currently have nearly 500 ICU beds in place today – but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We are diligently working to expand that number, when we need it.

Ensuring readiness for a rapid influx of patients is something we all do throughout the year. This planning involves having the right combination of people, equipment, and processes at the ready, and beds are only one part of the equation. We are collaborating by establishing a Virtual Community Command Center to open, if necessary, along with local, state and national officials to ensure we have the necessary resources to meet the needs of our community throughout all stages of this pandemic.

The best strategy of all is prevention. We need the community’s help to remain healthy, so people don’t become infected in the first place. Everyone should remember to practice social distancing by maintaining at least six feet between themselves and others, a simple act that will help reduce community spread. All of us can help to flatten the curve, which will reduce the number of overall cases and significantly reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the health care systems. Everyone in our community plays a critical role in keeping our community safe from this virus.

Ascension St. Vincent’s
Kyle Sieg
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Ascension Florida
Marketing & Communications

Baptist Health
Cindy Hamilton
Executive Director, Corporate Communications

Brooks Rehabilitation
Kathy Barbour
VP, Marketing and Communication

Mayo Clinic
Tia R. Ford
Senior Communications Specialist

Memorial Hospital
Odette Struys
AVP, Public Relations

Orange Park Medical Center
Carrie Turansky
Director, Public Relations & Communications

UF Health Jacksonville
Daniel Leveton
Media Relations Manager

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