Connecting By Caring Campaign: A creative look at the Paying it Forward principle

Connecting By Caring Campaign: A creative look at the Paying it Forward principle

Resident Community News provides good news, refreshing experience in greater media landscape

It’s no secret the Coronavirus crisis and its economic fallout has thrown everyone for a loop. Many small businesses within Jacksonville’s historic districts are struggling. Unfortunately, a few may not survive. The same holds true for our city’s beloved community nonprofits, organizations that do so much to help those in need. If they aren’t there to respond, the most vulnerable among us may lose a valuable safety net, and they also may not survive.

Small local businesses, of which The Resident is one, count on the faithful support of their neighbors. Restaurants, boutiques, family-run shops, realtors, hair salons, gymnasiums, schools, and personal service providers all require buoying up from customers and community members during times of need.

But the Resident Community News Group has come up with a plan that is a win-win for caring community members, businesses, and nonprofits, as well as our publications, which provide the perfect conduit in between.

Over the past 13 years The Resident has worked hard to share with readers stories about the good works and deeds of those in Jacksonville’s historic communities. Our newspapers cut their teeth during the Recession of 2007-2008, and we made it through those tough times thanks to your support, as we know we will again through the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite our optimism that we’ll remain in business to continue to deliver your local newspaper, our team is facing tough times. Yet, we’ve come up with a creative solution that will enable you to help others by using your funds to the greatest impact within the community.

Today’s need to find a reliable source of trustworthy information has never been greater. With so much gloom and doom emanating from national and regional media sources, The Resident’s focus on the “good news” happening with our local neighborhoods is more important than ever.  If you enjoy reading about what is going on in your neighborhoods and want to make a difference to the businesses and nonprofits within your community, you can pay if forward by becoming a part of our Connecting by Caring Campaign, a marketing approach where we’re not simply asking for funds but offering to put them to work in order to increase impact — exponentially.

A (LOCAL) Impact Campaign

The Way it Works: Expanding your message’s reach by way of the multiplier effect, mirroring, and leadership

In seeking ways to give back to the community, we are often hindered by our ability to participate and be ‘hands-on,’ yet there are creative ways to help and many avenues to do so. In Northeast Florida, we’re fortunate to have a great network of nonprofits and support organizations that are rallying to deliver support to the most vulnerable in our society, and that’s where we step in. Instead of simply giving a monetary donation directly to a charitable organization we ask that you entrust that money to our publication so that we can design, write, edit, and complete a marketing campaign of your choosing. 

For instance, perhaps you wish to direct a gift that will consist of a written story in The Resident, one that showcases your passion for a nonprofit organization that assists hungry children or desperate animals seeking forever homes, or maybe promotes a Go Fund Me campaign for local service industry neighbors in need. Or perhaps you might wish to purchase a display ad campaign for your favorite restaurant, or retailer that needs a boost as they return to business. It’s your call.

The Connecting by Caring Campaign is a campaign that doubles, triples, or quadruples your impact by allowing The Resident to curate your message in three ways: mirroring, leadership, and utilizing the multiplier effect.

Why it Works:Quality content and reliable editorial produces results, grows trust

Whether you’ve been reading The Resident for a few weeks, or 13 years, it is clear our newspaper provides the best fiercely local journalism has to offer by highlighting volunteers, donors, and people of all ages as they give back to their community. Impressed by others that do great deeds, we mirror their benevolence when we are drawn in and inspired to take similar action ourselves. The people who are the focus of our “feel- good” stories model selfless behavior and the lessons from their actions resonate with our readership. 

Children are inspired when their parents say – ‘check out this article in The Resident that shows what that Eagle Scout did!,’ or ‘Take a look what Johnny is doing for the homeless.’ Over the years, The Resident has recounted countless stories of regular people making a difference in their neighborhoods. One such story, which may provide inspirational leadership to others is the recounting of an elderly woman’s regifting of plush toys to the Fraternal Order of Police after washing and stitching up imperfections. 

A major donor stepping up and challenging others through a story in our newspaper has a multiplier effect because it is direct mailed to 15,000 to 30,000 homes in Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods and averages at least two readers per household. 

Perhaps Clara White Mission Executive Director Ju’Coby Pittman’s letter on page 2 of this paper illustrates best the tremendous impact The Resident can have spreading a message of need throughout the community. Pittman’s missive outlines the response the Mission received after The Resident outlined Clara White’s great need for volunteers, food donations and funding, so that it can continue to serve Jacksonville’s most vulnerable populations. 

Our Connecting by Caring Campaign is a simple process, but it only occurs when captive and educated readers get a hold of our local paper. We want to continue being this impactful source, but we need your consideration at this time.

Please call with questions and/or clarifications, we’re here to help and want to ensure this program is successful – call Debra at (904)-885-6031, or Seth at (904)-885-6849.

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