Masks are required in all Duval County Public Schools

I just wanted to alert you of a correction that should be made to the article “Uncertainty Haunts Educators,” that appeared in both the Riverside and San Marco Resident Community News. In this article, it is mentioned that DCPS (Duval County Public Schools) is not requiring masks, but only encouraging them. As a high school teacher, it terrifies me to think that parents and students would be under the impression that masks are not mandatory in an enclosed classroom with 30 other people. If you have a way to make corrections, please update this part of the article.

Thank you,

Jessica Blair

Editor’s Note: At the time our reporter, Lilla Ross, contacted DCPS she was referred to the county’s reopening plan, which was in the process of being approved by the Duval County School Board and the Department of Education. The plan did not specify that masks would be required, only that they would be provided. The latest policy now specifies that face coverings are required on the school buses and in school. The best way to slow the transmission of COVID-19 in a school setting is to require all staff and students to wear face coverings throughout the day. Kindergarten through second grade students will be issued a clear plastic face shield, which may be used in addition to or instead of a cloth face covering. Students with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent a face covering may also use a clear plastic shield or another reasonable accommodation. Face coverings will not be required in P.E., recess, band, music, and other classes in which the facial covering is an obvious impediment to learning activities.

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