Assumption’s middle school students perform at Rock “OUT” music concert

Assumption’s middle school students perform at Rock “OUT” music concert
Assumption performers

Assumption Catholic School’s music teacher Katie Rewa employed her creativity to assemble an outdoor concert on the Rosary Stage, inviting middle school students to perform. They wore their favorite costumes, brought their favorite instruments, and sang their favorite songs for the show.

Two separate performances were held. One was to entertain parents on an April Thursday evening. They brought their own chairs to sit on in the open air. The following day, during school hours, a second performance was held for students. They brought towels to lounge on the grass in the sun and enjoy.

Assumption’s featured vocal and instrument musicians included Andrew Ruzanka, Erin Trull, Maggie Trull, Ella Johnson, Liliana Martinez, Elizabeth Nguyen, and Jude Rewa.

The Assumption Choir Elect also took part in the event. Members include Brittany Camp, Kyleigh Contois, Mia Hutto, Chloe Vought, Olivia Wagner, Arasema Eyob, Ella Johnson, Claire Kelleter, Liliana Martinez, Elizabeth Nguyen, Maggie Troll, and Kayla Lynch. They performed Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and Beethoven’s “Joyful, Joyful.”

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