Guest artist visits Douglas Anderson, shares tips and industry knowledge

Guest artist visits Douglas Anderson, shares tips and industry knowledge
Lenny Banovez with Jessica Coleman
Lenny Banovez, guest artist at Douglas Anderson

Theatre students at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts workshopped for two days last month with guest artist Lenny Banovez.

Seniors crafted their college audition pieces and auditioned for summer internships through Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Michigan and the off-Broadway Titan Theatre Company. Banovez serves as the artistic director of both stages.

“Talent is subjective. My personal opinion is that this is easily the highest-level high school I’ve been to,” Banovez said.

Banovez coached and suggested small adjustments while still giving the actors freedom to make their own choices. The students learned how a simple hand movement or a focus change can completely transform a performance.

“Something really important that I took away from this workshop is that no matter how much you think a piece would work, there’s always further to go,” said Nina Simone-Diaz, a senior in Musical Theatre.

Lenny Banovez with Nina Simone Diaz
Lenny Banovez with Nina Simone Diaz

Performance Theatre senior Haley Renault spoke of how Banovez’s coaching helped her experience with stage nerves.

Banovez spent the last few minutes of each class answering questions about college and his theatre career. He informed the students that those who wish to go into theatre must be willing to make that commitment. “You gotta love it. Happiness is more important than anything else,” he told them.

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