A New 2023 TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Dream Team on the Scene

A New 2023 TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Dream Team on the Scene
The 13 members of the 2023 TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Dream Team took to the field at EverBank Field following their Signing Day ceremony on Monday, Aug. 7 with (left to right) Dreams Come True Board Member and Gator Bowl Sports Chairman’s Club Member Donnie Smith of Miller Electric Company, Dreams Come True Board President Geoff Neilson of Graybar, Gator Bowl Sports Chairman and Dreams Come True Past-President Alan Worley of Money Pages and 3D Digital, and Gator Bowl Charities Advisory Board Chair Kevin Craig of AT&T.

On Monday, Aug. 7, the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl and Dreams Come True came together to hold a Signing Day ceremony for the 2023 TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Dream Team.  

Their Dream Team experience will include a meet and greet with participating

team players and cheerleaders at EverBank Stadium in late December and conclude with being honored on-field during the 79th annual TaxSlayer Gator Bowl on December 29, 2023. 

The 13 Dreamers selected for the Dream Team will serve as TaxSlayer Gator Bowl ambassadors and representatives throughout the college football season. The Dream Team is a key program for Gator Bowl Charities and provides its members with a “unique experience” throughout the season.  

The 2023 Dream Team includes: Willie B. (10), James C. (9), Jack C. (15), Savannah G. (8), Blake H. (9), Makenna J. (17), Sammy M. (16), Chase S. (10), Jaxon T. (6), Mary T. (16), Shane T. (7), Jasel W. (17) and Tyler W. (8).  

During the college football season, these 13 Dreamers will be able to scout a game, participate in monthly Gator Bowl Sports membership events and distribute their own set of rookie-year player cards throughout Jacksonville, among other events. At the end of the regular season, the Dreamers will graduate from their blue Dream Team jerseys and receive TaxSlayer Gator Bowl green jackets, which will transition them to honorary Dream Team members of the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl committee.  

Weekly updates on the Dream Team will be provided via social media accounts for both TaxSlayer Gator Bowl and Dreams Come True. 


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