Students Sound Off on New Podcast

Students Sound Off on New Podcast
Social Coffee House owners Mariel and Arrelious Benn with the student crew of “The Bridge” podcast.

Riverside Presbyterian Day School (RPDS) launched its pilot episode of “The Bridge,” a student-led podcast focused on cultivating curiosity, creativity and connection within our community in May 2023. “The Bridge” was created by fifth and sixth grade students in the Midweek Media Afternoon Academy.

The goal of “The Bridge” podcast is to cultivate a space where students can explore new creative elements such as writing, sound mixing and graphic design while providing an outlet to explore and foster connections both in and outside the school community.

In the first episode of the 2023-24 season, the student podcasters dove into some coffee talk with owners of Social House Coffee, RPDS parents Mariel and Arrelious Benn. “The Bridge” is available on Spotify or by visiting

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