Riverside Skatepark begins taking shape

Riverside Skatepark begins taking shape
California Skatepark crews continue work on the incoming skatepark beneath the Fuller Warren Bridge in Riverside.

Progress at the incoming Riverside Skatepark is gliding ahead as construction crews continue bringing the new park beneath the Fuller Warren Bridge to life.

When The Resident News last reported on the park in July, the only available images were design renderings of what the park would look like. Now, residents can actually see the park begin to take shape. The skate plaza is slated to consist of “three rooms/spaces between the freeway pillars for various skill levels.”

The park is part of Artist Walk, a new park planned for the stretch of land between the I-95 on- and off-ramps at Park Street.

California Skateparks is the company contracted to both design and build the park. In a telephone interview last month, California Skatesparks Director of Strategic Initiatives Miki Vuckovich said “the more tricky, innovative stuff has been done,” including the vertical elements in the park.

While Vuckovich said he has not personally been onsite recently, he has received “great reports from the field so far.”

construction photo

“The great thing about using the space under the bridge is you can’t really build anything under a bridge for a lot of reasons, but skateparks seem to work really well, and you’ve got cover in the rain and cover from the sun. So, it’s pretty much constant skateboarding, which is, I think, what the community needs,” he added.

In an e-mail, City of Jacksonville Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director Daryl Joseph provided the following statement regarding construction progress at Riverside Skatepark:

“The skate park is under construction and is progressing. The Riverside Avenue plaza space, Emerald Trail and overall project is expected to be complete by the Spring of 2025.  The park will open to the public following the completion of all park elements.”

By Michele Leivas
Resident Community News

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