WeCareJax Celebrates 30 Years

WeCareJax Celebrates 30 Years
The Ackerman Cancer Center team celebrated Dr. Scot Ackerman's Lifetime Achievement Award at WeCareJax’s The Caring Awards’ 30th anniversary on Nov. 9. Front row: Maggie Prescott, Shelby Goodman, Audrey Amerson and Nicole Escobar; back row: Vivienne Bennett, Mackenzie Coleman, Scot Ackerman, Alex Ackerman, Babita Jyoti and Gopalkrish Mahadev.

Organization connects patients to compassionate care, regardless of ability to pay

WeCareJax celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Caring Awards on Nov. 9 at the River City Railway. Annually, this event honors the volunteer physicians and partners who go above and beyond to make care possible for uninsured and under-resourced community members who are experiencing a medical crisis. With live music, dancing, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, this year’s event raised $90,101 toward its mission of compassionate care.

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