Water Improvement Projects Underway in Murray Hill, Riverside

Water Improvement Projects Underway in Murray Hill, Riverside
A project area map of the JEA Melba Street Water Improvement Project, slated to wrap on or before Aug. 30. | Graphic/JEA

Murray Hill residents can expect to see more construction on some of its residential streets as JEA continues work for the Melba Street Water Improvement Project.

The project, which launched late last summer, is estimated to cost $4 million and has an anticipated completion date of Aug. 31 of this year.

The project’s objective is to upgrade and replace portions of the existing water lines on Melba Street, College Place, College Street, Green Street, Nelson Street, Owen Avenue, Plum Street and Solstice Street.

According to JEA Community Involvement and Project Outreach Manager Greg Corcoran, the only remaining work on Melba Street is road resurfacing, which is currently expected to occur in April or May. The overall project is more than halfway complete, and Corcoran added JEA anticipates wrapping the project before the Aug. 30, 2024, contract completion date.

The Melba Street Water Improvement Project is part of the larger Galvanized Pipe Replacement Program, which JEA developed and launched “to modernize more than 200 miles of [its] existing potable water distribution system to reduce service failures and meet current potable flow standards.”

According to the Galvanized Pipe Replacement Program webpage on JEA’s website, the program was launched in 2018, and more than 15 miles of outdated galvanized pipe is estimated to have been replaced countywide by the end of last year.

Corcoran explained that many of the projects within this program are in “older” communities such as Riverside and Murray Hill.

“This work includes installing larger pipes for improved water pressure and new fire hydrants to upgrade area fire protection,” he said.

The program’s webpage lists water improvement projects currently underway. It lists the following projects as under construction in the Riverside community:

  • Center Street, Cherokee Circle, Locust Street and Gilmore Street (“Center Street from Rosselle Street to the dead end, Cherokee Circle from Rosselle Street to Locust Street, Locust Street from Rosselle Street to Cherokee Circle South and Gilmore Street between Cherokee Street and Locust Street”) – Anticipated End Date: Feb. 1
  • McDuff Avenue (“McDuff Avenue near Old Roosevelt Boulevard”) – Anticipated End Date: Feb. 29
  • Osceola Street (with work areas on “Osceola Street, Dellwood Avenue and Myra Street”) – Substantially completed on Jan. 9; area restoration work remains.

An additional project in Murray Hill – the Antisdale Street Water Improvement Project – is currently underway “Antisdale Street from Ingleside Avenue to just west of Edgewood Avenue, Ingleside Avenue from Post Street to Antisdale Street, and Talbot Avenue from Post Street to Mayflower Street.” The anticipated end date for this project is May 31.

Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors is the contractor for the Melba Street, McDuff Avenue and Stockton Street projects. JEA crews are working on the Center Street, Cherokee Circle, Locust Street and Gilmore Street, Lancaster Street and Antisdale Street projects.

Additional projects are underway in other areas of Jacksonville within JEA’s service territory.

For the Melba Street project, Corcoran added there are no additional road closures on Melba Street expected except for during the road resurfacing.

“Road closures are typically only for a day at a time and are related to specific project activities like paving,” he said. “For the safety of our crews and the general public, there will be times when roads will be temporarily closed to through-traffic, and street parking will be limited while crews are installing the new water lines.”

He continued: “Residents will have access to their homes and businesses and will be permitted to drive, with caution, within the project area. There may be times when driveways are temporarily blocked while crews are working directly in front of homes or businesses.”

More information regarding the Melba Street and other projects within the Galvanized Pipe Replacement Program, including future proposed projects, can be found at jea.com/gprp.

By Michele Leivas
Resident Community News

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