New EverBank Branch Brings Convenience for Ortega

New EverBank Branch Brings Convenience for Ortega
A rendering of the new EverBank building.

The vacant building at 4211 San Juan Avenue, former home to several banking institutions, will soon be home to a new branch of EverBank. 

EverBank President of Florida Banking Curt Cunkle said he expects this new branch to open this summer. This is a relocation of its branch at 501 Riverside Ave., where it’s been for roughly 10 years.

Its five-person staff team from Riverside will also be transitioning to this new office, and Cunkle said this new location provides opportunities for growth, both in services offered and staff size. An evaluation is currently underway to determine the type of products EverBank could offer at the new Ortega branch.

“We’ll be expanding more than just what we’re doing now, and this location will provide an advantageous environment to do that,” he said.

When EverBank first considered the idea of relocating its Riverside branch, Cunkle said the top priorities were retaining the 3,100 branch clients and 350 businesses clients banking there and ensuring the next location wasn’t an inconvenience for them or EverBank employees. It turns out, the Ortega location might be even more convenient for them.

“We looked at our existing customers and we actually have more of our existing customers who live closer to the Ortega than our Riverside branch,” he said. “Same for our merchant customers. [For the] vast majority, Ortega is going to be more convenient than Riverside.”

Cunkle said his team is planning a seamless transition to avoid any disruption of services for EverBank clients.

“It’ll literally be Friday afternoon we’ll go on and exit the Riverside location, and Monday morning we will be at the Ortega location.”

They are currently moving through the permitting process for tenant improvements before the new Ortega branch is ready to open.

“EverBank’s strategy toward investing in our community, investing in our employees and clients…this relocation from Riverside to Ortega, it really just supports that,” he said.

This will be the third bank laying down roots at the existing structure at Herschel and San Juan. It was constructed in 2008 and was first home to Florida Bank. In 2015, Iberiabank Corp. moved into the building, but closed three years later, as reported by The Resident News in August 2018.

EverBank has nine branches in the state of Florida with three of those locations in Jacksonville.

By Michele Leivas
Resident Community News

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