Letters To The Editor

Readers share views on Park Place at San Marco

Editor’s Note: The Resident received a flood of letters both pro and con to South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church’s request to change the zoning on its property in San Marco Square so that 133 apartments can be built within a four-story apartment building with a three-level, two-story parking garage. All letters that are received by press […]

JEA is ours to keep

The push to sell the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) created a heated discussion in our community that centered around the current and future value of our locally owned utility. While JEA’s Board officially voted to withdraw the invitation to negotiate (ITN) at an emergency meeting on Christmas Eve, there are several lessons to remember about […]

Telecom strips local control in 5G rollout

The 5G rollout is occurring locally. It’s not safe, and it’s not pretty. Here’s some background: The FCC partnered with telecommunications companies to preempt the ability of state and local governments to oversee the buildout of the 5G infrastructure.  In 2017, the State of Florida passed legislation written by AT&T to facilitate the rollout of […]

Jacksonville’s water will always be local

In the past few weeks there has been some confusion and question in regard to JEA and the water it provides. While dry land can be bought and sold, water is treated differently in Florida. The fact is, JEA doesn’t own the water, the state of Florida does. JEA has a permit to withdraw and […]